Tropical Auto Group 10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty Plan

Tropical Auto

Any customer who purchases a new or used vehicle from Tropical Auto Group will receive our complementary 10 year Mechanical Protection Plan giving you absolute peace of mind when you choose your new vehicle. Enjoy a decade of driving confidence with Rockhampton's best 10 year new and used car warranty.

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Easy Claim
Easy to Claim... Simply call one of our Service Departments.
No Surprises
No Nasty Surprises as you have a guaranteed pre-established repair coverage*.
Capped Price Servicing
Know the road ahead where you pay one low servicing price for 10 years. No surprises.
Quality Repairs
Repairs by a franchised dealer with the latest technology and factory trained technicians

Mechanical Protection Plans - Pre Owned Vehicles

Parts coveredLimited*Comprehensive*
Term10 years / 200,000 km10 years / 250,000 km
Per claim limit$1,000$3,000*
Total claims limit$5,000Vehicle Purchase Price*
ExtrasN/A10 years Platinum Plus Roadside Assist
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What do I have to do to maintain my Tropical Auto warranty?

Servicing: Only with us

How often

As per owners manual

How much

Fixed price after factory warranty expires:

Petrol $299 Diesel $399

How do I contact roadside assist?

Simply call our toll free number. We will jump start your car when you get a flat battery, fit your spare when you get a flat tyre, unlock your vehicle when you’ve locked your keys inside (up to $250 per year), and bring some petrol for you when you run out (up to 5lt free)

What happens if I break down?

If you break down, we will transport you back to the dealership where you bought your car within a 250km round trip, or to the nearest authorised service centre if during business hours. If your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical failure and requires emergency towing, we will reimburse up to $200 per year for onward travel expenses.

If you break down whilst towing your caravan or trailer (up to 3.5 tonnes), we will assist with transporting your caravan/trailer home or to a secure location of your choice, within the 250km round trip limit.

What are the exclusions?
  • Trucks, buses, vehicles used for hire or reward including, but not limited to taxis, limousines, chauffeured vehicles and rental/loan cars.
  • Vehicles that require excess labour, specialist or heavy equipment (i.e. trolley wheels, cradle lift trucks, non-standard ramps) for removal, extraction from multi-storey or underground car parks, are bogged or are not within easy reach of a public road.
  • Vehicles already at a repairer and vehicles which have been involved in an accident/ collision or have sustained damage due to impact, malicious or criminal damage and/or flood damage.
  • Excess labour and battery installation fees, heavy vehicles, trucks and equipment over 3.5t gross weight.
  • Ferry/barge costs,freight costs,including tolls and sea crossings.
  • National Roadside Assist will not beliable for increased/additional costs and expenses as a result of a breakdown in a remote location.
  • Service may be refused for unregistered vehicles and vehicles that are not roadworthy or that have been modified from the manufacturer’s specifications i.e. excessively lowered vehicles, modified for racing/4x4 tracks.
  • Repeated/excessive call-outs due to driver related faults, aftermarket accessories, vehicle neglect or abuse, as reasonably determined by National Roadside Assist or its contractors, including pre-existing faults and faults/breakdowns caused by a non- authorised repairer.
  • National Roadside Assist at its discretion may refuse service or suspend/cancel a driver’s membership if they are deemed abusive, threatening or violent towards National Roadside Assist staff or its contractors, or attempts to receive service by deception or has any excess owing for previous call-outs.
  • In the event that a driver requests their vehicle be broken into, whether to recover keys/ belongings, National Roadside Assist or its contractors will not accept responsibility or liability for damage that may occur as a result.

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